Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

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Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

This is easily one of my favorite Daily Fantasy Football games every year – and I believe these Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire picks are going to make us some money!

It’s such an easy game to play – and you don’t even have to gamble any money!

You can play it for free, with a chance to win $1. That’s a good deal!

It’s basically a game where you pick one player among five pairs of players you think will do the best this week.

For instance, here’s who they have going in Week 1.

Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

So, let’s break those matchups down real quick.

Class of 2012 QBs: If you believe Luck is going to be in a shootout, he might be the better pick for you. Foles lost a lot this offseason when DeSean Jackson went to Washington, but he now has Darren Sproles and a better Zach Ertz. MY PICK: Foles

Battle of NY QBs: I already mentioned how I love Geno this week on DraftKings, but that’s in salary play. Manning faces a tough front seven, but if he gets even a little bit of time, he’s going to hurt this secondary. MY PICK: Manning

Mediocre NFL WR1s: The Patriots picked up CB Darrelle Revis this offseason, and the Saints should pick apart this Falcons defense once again. MY PICK: Colston

Sophomore vs. Veteran: I’m going to need Patterson to prove something to me before I take him over V-Jax. MY PICK: Jackson

Tight Ends in Texas: The 49ers is missing about half of its starters from a year ago defensively, but this Cowboys defense could be the worst in the NFL again. MY PICK: Davis

Let us know who your picks are in the comments below! We’re up against the house, so we can help each other with our Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire picks!

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