Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

Sep 7, 2014 by

Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

This is easily one of my favorite Daily Fantasy Football games every year – and I believe these Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire picks are going to make us some money!

It’s such an easy game to play – and you don’t even have to gamble any money!

You can play it for free, with a chance to win $1. That’s a good deal!

It’s basically a game where you pick one player among five pairs of players you think will do the best this week.

For instance, here’s who they have going in Week 1.

Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire Picks

So, let’s break those matchups down real quick.

Class of 2012 QBs: If you believe Luck is going to be in a shootout, he might be the better pick for you. Foles lost a lot this offseason when DeSean Jackson went to Washington, but he now has Darren Sproles and a better Zach Ertz. MY PICK: Foles

Battle of NY QBs: I already mentioned how I love Geno this week on DraftKings, but that’s in salary play. Manning faces a tough front seven, but if he gets even a little bit of time, he’s going to hurt this secondary. MY PICK: Manning

Mediocre NFL WR1s: The Patriots picked up CB Darrelle Revis this offseason, and the Saints should pick apart this Falcons defense once again. MY PICK: Colston

Sophomore vs. Veteran: I’m going to need Patterson to prove something to me before I take him over V-Jax. MY PICK: Jackson

Tight Ends in Texas: The 49ers is missing about half of its starters from a year ago defensively, but this Cowboys defense could be the worst in the NFL again. MY PICK: Davis

Let us know who your picks are in the comments below! We’re up against the house, so we can help each other with our Week 1 Draft Day Rapid Fire picks!

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Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day With Daily Fantasy Baseball!

Apr 15, 2014 by

Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day With Daily Fantasy Baseball!

Full slate of 15 games on schedule for tonight – let’s see if our favorite Daily Fantasy Baseball writers can help us pick some winners.

Some think of today as Tax Day, while others know it as Jackie Robinson Day – a day to celebrate the day he made his major-league debut, breaking the color barrier in professional sports.

(Interesting side note: Go watch Ken Burns’ “Baseball” again and you’d find that there were actually black ballplayers in the majors in the late 1800s. They were eventually banned, and Robinson ended up being the first black player in modern baseball.)

There are three games with more than a 50-percent chance of rain, however, so keep an eye on the TB at BAL game, along wiith CHC at NYY and ATL at PHI.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Jackie Robinson Day

Here are the top Daily Fantasy Baseball articles for Tuesday! If I missed any articles, let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me @DavidGonos.

RotoExperts.com – Dobish’s Daily Bread

It looks like Andrew Brown is about to inherit a job, with a couple of the Mets’ other outfielders going down with injury Monday. He also likes Conor Gillaspie, who is really starting to grow into his full-time third base job with the White Sox.


RotoExperts.com – All In Kid’s Daily Bets

Jake Ciely likes what Chase Headley’s doing over his past five games – and thinks he has a good sixth game in him tonight!

ESPN.com – Daily Notes

Brian Gramling once again returns to rank ALL 30 PITCHERS tonight! I love this page, and I love the notes Gramling writes at the bottom.

FantasyInsiders.com – Daily Diamond Hitters

Derek Carty comes back for another round of his favorite picks for the day. Stephen Strasburg is the top ace of the day, but he also has Brandon Morrow at Minnesota.

“Sure, there have been some breakouts and surprises like Chris Colabello, Josmil Pinto, and Brian Dozier, but when you consider that Colabello is on the way down (as should have been expected) and that their offense (third in the AL in runs scored thus far) has also largely been driven by overperformances from Jason Kubel and Trevor Plouffe (solid players but not this good), you see that this is really a below-average offense. I don’t foresee Morrow having much trouble with it.” — @DerekCarty

FoxSports.com – Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice

Adam Meyer really likes the Angels today against the A’s, since four starters are hitting over .400 against Dan Straily.

TheFakeBaseball.com – Top 5 Fantasy Hitters

Draft Kings Deposit Bonus-35x22-2Richard Valero is back on it with his picks – including Edwin Encarnacion against the Twins’ Phil Hughes tonight.

“The bat for EE hasn’t been great this year but he does have 5 hits in his last 3 games as well as a very favorable matchup today. Also right handed hitters are hitting .412 against Hughes this season. Get him in the lineup for sure today.” — Valero

TheFakeBaseball.com – Draft Kings

Zach Trexler picks his favorite players/prices on Draft Kings, including a catcher, second baseman and three outfielders (Spoiler alert: Shin-Soo Choo vs. Seattle)!

TheFakeBaseball.com – FanDuel Picks

Jason Guilbault looks at the top FanDuel options for the evening. Eeeeeverybody’s loving on Garrett Richards tonight, especially with his $5,700 FanDuel price.

So here’s the thing – I had a mid-afternoon mild emergency that involved dog poop for a dog I was dogsitting. Soooo today’s picks aren’t as in-depth as I had hoped they would be.

Follow me @DavidGonos to see what my daily buddies and I choose as our Draft Day Rapid Fire picks! 42!

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Draft Day Rapid Fire is Back!

Mar 28, 2014 by

Draft Day Rapid Fire is Back!

If you’ve followed me on Twitter @DavidGonos over the past year, you know that I like five things: chicken wings, beer, making fun of my friends, chicken wings, and playing Draft Day Rapid Fire!

Well, Monday’s game matchups have already been released, three days ahead of time, and I’m all jacked up to discuss!

This might be the easiest Daily Fantasy Baseball game to play, and one of the best to put money in your pocket.

The way this game works is – you pick which player will score more Fantasy points between five different matchups. If you get three out of five correct – you double your money (minus the 10-percent rake).

Making Draft Day Rapid Fire Even Easier to Play …

Last season, @EricMackFantasy and I started discussing our #RapidFire picks regularly on Twitter, each day. Then we started getting a few other guys (like @coachesser and SiriusXM host @Dan Strafford) that joined the club, and we ended up with a #RapidFire Twitter club of about four or five people that shared their picks nearly every day.

There were varied successes among the group, but we all ended up winners. I finished with a 69-38 record in that game (winning almost 65-percent of my attempts). In the early going, I was much more cautious, playing just $1 or $5 entries. After I had like a 15-5 record or so, I realized I needed to amp it up, and started hitting the $10 and $20 games.

On Friday, March 28, I woke up to find that the new Draft Day Rapid Fire game had been set up for Opening Day on Monday, March 31!

That means a couple things:

  • We’ll be able to dissect these matchups more than any other matchup this season. (Although, coming out of the All-Star break, we’ll likely have a couple days then, too.
  • We can lock in our picks now. (Don’t worry, you can change them later!) But you want to lock in your picks, and choose the highest amount you can bet. Here’s why: If someone gets hurt between now and Monday, he’ll be removed from this game, and that matchup will be replaced by a different one – for everyone else that hasn’t locked their picks in! Wouldn’t you rather choose between a player that’s playing and a player that’s not playing?

Let’s look at the Opening Day matchups!

Draft Day Rapid Fire for Opening Day

We’ll go matchup by matchup for these 10 players. If any of these matchups are changed, we’ll try to go back and assess those, too. Since I can’t see if they’ve changed, please comment or tweet at me @DavidGonos to let me know they’ve changed.

Draft Day Rapid Fire

Justin Verlander, SP, DET vs. KC – vs. – Adam Wainwright, SP, STL at CIN

This is a matchup that I’ll be going back and forth on all weekend, I have a feeling. Verlander is coming off of one of his worst seasons since 2008, but he had offseason core muscle surgery, and he didn’t allow any earned runs in 21 innings in spring training. Unfortunately, he’s going up against James Shields, who threw a complete-game loss (3 ER) in his first start for the Royals last season.

Wainwright had Tommy John surgery in 2011, so his first start in 2012 is tough to assess. His 2013 opener, however, was a complete game shutout over the Brewers. I’m a big fan of the 6-foot-7 righty this season, and I made a strong case for why I’d take Wainwright over Stephen Strasburg in standard drafts on SI.com.

Winner: I like Wainwright, despite Verlander’s spring numbers. Verlander is 1-1 with a 5.19 ERA in his first starts of the season over the past five years, and he’s up against “Big Game” James.

Johnny Cueto, SP, STL vs. STL – vs. – Jeff Samardzija, SP, CHC at PIT

I don’t like this matchup at all! If I’m picking Wainwright to win, that means I’m picking Cueto to not win, which forces my hand to choose Samardzija on the road, against a Pirates team that’s coming off a huge season. I’m going to have to think about this one over the weekend.

Winner: Samardzija … for now.

Jason Heyward, OF, ATL at MIL – vs. – Jay Bruce, OF, CIN vs. STL

Justin Verlander, Draft Day Rapid Fire

Tigers SP Justin Verlander is no stranger to Opening Day starts, but can he beat “Big Game” James Shields and the revamped Royals?
Photo Credit: Genok

Heyward could move up into the leadoff spot against Yovani Gallardo and the Brewers on Opening Day. He hit .322 in 30 games as the leadoff hitter last season, and while his batting average was 14 points lower against right-handed pitchers (.250) last season, he did have about three times the power (11 HR, 27 RBI) than against lefties.

Bruce will hit cleanup against Wainwright Monday, and he hit .270 with 20 homers and 79 RBI against right-handers in 2013.

Winner: Heyward, barely. I like Wainwright better than Gallardo, which makes me like Heyward a bit more.

Evan Gattis, C/OF, ATL at MIL – vs. – Ryan Ludwick, OF, STL at CIN

Those Draft Day Rapid Fire people are tricky! Gattis has a tough time against right-handers, hitting just .236 with an OBP of .284, but he does hit for three-times more power than against lefties. Ludwick, on the other hand, is coming back from shoulder surgery, so he’ll have to prove his health to me in the early going.

Winner: Gattis, again, as I’m betting it all on Wainwright Monday.

Miguel Cabrera, 3B, DET vs. KC – vs. – Mike Trout, OF, LAA vs. SEA

The top two picks in the draft go Head-to-Head in Rapid Fire to start the season! What a great way to start this year off on Draft Day.

Cabrera flashes a little more power and ability to get on base, and Trout, of course, has the speed and the ability to score more runs.

Last season, in Draft Day’s scoring system, Cabrera scored 20.3 points per game, compared to Trout’s 20.1 ppg. For that reason, along with the fact that I love Kinsler to start the season really strong ahead of Cabrera, I like Miggy.

Winner: Cabrera, who hit .348 against right-handers last season (and he hit .366 at home), is my pick. Trout faces Felix Hernandez, and while Trout hits righties better than lefties, King Felix had a 2.45 ERA against right-handed batters last season – and he posted a 2.63 ERA on the road.

Remember – we’ll be discussing these matchups on Twitter, so follow me @DavidGonos and on @DailyFantasyD to join in on the discussions!

Or leave some comments here for everyone to debate. I think one of the reasons why Draft Day Rapid Fire is one of my favorite games is that it’s a community game. I’m not playing against you, I’m playing against the house. So let’s share info and win some money!

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