Week 4 FanDuel Lineup & Cheat Sheet

Oct 1, 2015 by

Week 4 FanDuel Lineup & Cheat Sheet

How are your Daily Fantasy Football lineups doing so far, three weeks in? I’d say you probably had to deal with a lot more scoring than any of us expected, including Las Vegas. Before we get into the Week 4 FanDuel Lineups, let’s look back at Week 3.

There were four games that totaled over 65 points last week, and eight games that went over 50 points. And this was a week that Vegas figured would have mostly medium-scoring outcomes.

That goes to show you two things – offenses are a little farther along than defenses right now, and we’re still figuring out which defenses are for real (Arizona is for sure) and which ones are impostors (Redskins?).

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