Sunday Prayers for Big GPP Tournament Wins?

Apr 13, 2014 by

Sunday Prayers for Big GPP Tournament Wins?

Most games will be over by the time the sun sets tonight, so you’ll want to get your lineups in there for GPP tournaments by 12:30pm ET, then adjust accordingly as the day rolls on.

Some pitchers still looking for their first win include: Tony Cingrani, Edwin Jackson, Ubaldo Jimenez and Matt Moore.

Also, something to keep in mind on Sundays is that many times, a catcher will get a day off, allowing his backup to get the day start after a night game. This is a great way to move in some cheap backup catchers into your lineup.

Sunday’s Daily Fantasy Baseball Links

Unfortunately, today I went golfing with my brother and nephews. Every year, we do a weekend dedicated to my father on Masters weekend, down at my brother’s place in Lake Okeechobee. This is the 7th Annual Don Gonos Memorial Masters Weekend Extravaganza! We get together and do all the things my dad loved – golfing, drinking, fishing, playing poker, watching golf, drinking, eating, arguing, saying regretful things, drinking, apologizing, gambling and drinking.

So today’s links aren’t directly to the columns, but rather, to the website that hosts them. So really, you’re just two clicks away from fantastic Daily Fantasy Baseball content. Leave a comment or tweet me @DavidGonos, if I missed any articles.

Draft Street, Daily Fantasy Baseball – Daily Notes – Dobish’s Daily Bread

Don’t feel bad if you lose today – even God has a tough time choosing catchers on Sundays!

I’ll still be playing in some tournaments and some 50/50s, so let us know who your favorite picks are in the comments!

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