DraftKings Deposit Bonus With a Free Pay-Game Entry

Mar 25, 2014 by

DraftKings Deposit Bonus With a Free Pay-Game Entry

If you’ve been thinking about playing on Draft Kings, now is the time to start an account there.

For a limited time, DraftKings is offering a 100-percent deposit bonus, which means if you deposit $25, or $100, or $250 – they’ll match it in bonus reward money.

Essentially, this means you’ll have that money leaked back into your account the more you play.

Also, you’ll get a free entry into one of their tournaments with a real payday.


DraftKings Deposit Bonus


A smart way to manage your bankroll might be to start with $100 in your Draft Kings account, and you set a limit for yourself. Let’s say, you tell yourself, “Self, I’m not going to spend more than $100 over the next two months. Once that’s gone, I’m done until the two months are up.”

If you then play a couple times a week, or even three or four times, mostly playing in 50/50 games or Head-to-Head matchups, you can slowly build up that bankroll.

But remember – it’s important to stay disciplined, and play as much as you vowed to play. Pretty soon, you’ll be withdrawing $100, with $100 still in there, and the DraftKings deposit bonus trickling in for a second $100 on your account.


The limited time offer to double up your DraftKings deposit bonus is a great way to start the 2014 Daily Fantasy Baseball season right!

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